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What is Beyond Vegan?

Beyond Vegan is the nutritional plan that we follow as initiated by Dr. Sebi and his research. Our Beyond Vegan practice has further refined the vegan diet and removed the most detrimental food items that are still part of a traditional vegan regimen. 


 All meals are free of GMOs, hybrid foods, most gluten, starch, animal products, and refined sugar.


 What Dr. Sebi discovered—and what we have seen proven, moreover—is that when we continue to eat these detrimental foods the body will become overrun with mucus and inflammation. When we remove these foods we see the body begin to rejuvenate itself in terms of:

  • Weight Loss

  • Digestive Issues

  • Blood Sugar

  • Blood Pressure

  • Chronic and Acute Conditions

Our Beyond Vegan meal plans include two meals per day (Lunch and Dinner) along with assorted fruits, snacks, and fresh-pressed juices, all curated by Cameron Moore and the Beyond Vegan staff. We work hard to ensure that the majority of our produce is organic unless cost prohibitive.

We Have Removed:

GMO’s  • Hybrid Fruits and Vegetables • Starches  • Most Gluten  • Animal Products • Soy  • Refined Sugars


it's A Lifestyle

Before/After Picture of Founder and President Cameron Moore

Before/After Picture of Founder and President Cameron Moore

About Cameron

Cameron is a herbalist and Master Nutritionist who studied extensively with Dr. Sebi, the father of the electric diet who earned the right in court to to say that he cured most of the life threatening diseases plaguing society today. After losing 140lbs, Cameron was inspired to share everything he learned with his community and created the company Beyond Vegan, which teaches people how to heal themselves naturally with food. Cameron has dedicated his life to educating the masses on the benefits of the electric diet.


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